LEGO Payloads

SpaceX customer payloads, in LEGO® bricks

Lego SpaceX Payloads composite

What's a rocket without a payload? Nothing! Thankfully this was really easy for me. The LEGO Group already has a great payload fairing part, so it's trivial to package it up. Also, Dragons 1 and 2 were made super easy for me since @reprage had already done such a great job. I just tweaked a few little details.


Here's my payload kit, including the Payload Fairing module, Dragons 1 and 2 with service modules, and two satellite payloads lovingly referred to as "Satellite A" and "Satellite B".

Payloads (LXF)

Build Guide

Here are detailed pointers for building each component, in visual form. Click on any picture to enlarge it.

Dragon 2 with SM, panel 1
Dragon 2 with SM, panel 2
Dragon 2 with SM, panel 3
Dragon 2 with SM, panel 4
Payload Fairing
Dragon 1 with SM
"Satellite A"
"Satellite B"


  • One problem @reprage mentioned with his Dragon 1 service module design is that the stowed solar panels would freely rotate out of place as the model is moved around. I solved it by adding a second mount point and adjusting the configuration of the pieces.

  • "Satellite A" is @reprage's model of the Orbcomm OG2 payload from Falcon 9 Flight #20, which is the first time SpaceX successfully landed a booster.

  • "Satellite B" is taken as-is from the LEGO #3368 Space Center kit. Note that the transparent blue solar panel pieces don't show up very well in the build guide picture, due to the transparent background. They're there anyway, and you can see them well enough in the LXF.