Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy, in LEGO® bricks

It all started as a fun little project with my son. We both love building with LEGO® bricks, and we're huge fans of SpaceX. What better father-son project than to merge these two faves? My initial goal was to build a LEGO Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy. I wanted a good balance of realism, ease of construction, durability, and parts availability. This was no small challenge indeed!

To build any of this, you'll probably want to download the LXF files I offer, and then upload them to sites like Brick Link and Brick Owl to order the parts. If you want to edit any of my designs before ordering, you'll probably want to get familiar with Lego Digital Designer (LDD) or Both are free desktop applications that let you design custom LEGO creations. Both are available for Mac and Windows. I offer my work in LXF format, which is used by LDD. can also import it.

For downloadable build plans and guides, you may browse the following sections: