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I'm so busy living life that it's hard finding time to blog about it. I've got other uses for a website though, so here it is. More about me, you ask? I'm a husband, a father, a distance runner, and a student of life. I'm originally from Elkhorn, NE. I now live in Fallbrook, CA.

I couldn't decide what I wanted to be when I grew up. I first wanted to be a rocket scientist, so I majored in Aerospace Engineering and interned at NASA. Then I wanted to be a Medical Doctor, so I went to Medical School. But I left because I discovered my true passion of Software Engineering. I've been writing code since Y2K. It was a hobby at first but then it grew into my full-time profession. I now specialize in APIs and backends using PHP, although I can hold my own on the frontend too. I've also done substantial projects in Java and Objective C.

Family photo A family photo (Dec 2016)